Pollogen BODY Treatments. The non-surgical tightening & toning solution to reshape & contour your body exactly where you want.

My Pollogen Body™ Treatment Areas

Those Stubborn Trouble Areas

We all have them… Trouble areas. And despite our best efforts with diet and exercise, there are areas of our bodies that we can’t seem to change… Mummy Tummy, saddle bags, wiggle-wave arms, stubborn fat pockets, cellulite, stretch marks, loose skin. Pollogen BODY Treatments finally offer you a truly effective way to combat these trouble zones without invasive and expensive surgery. This breakthrough treatment combines multiple technologies that allows us to release fat in targeted areas, smooth cellulite, tighten and tone stretched skin, and contour your body to fine-tune what you work so hard to achieve.

Lose Stubborn Fat

Target trouble areas by spot-reducing fat in the precise area that is bothering you.

Reduce Cellulite

The combined fat reduction with skin tightening improves the appearance of cellulite.

Tighten Loose Skin

Combat “Mommy Tummy”, “wiggle-wave” arms, and wrinkled hands without surgery or invasive measures.

Improve Stretch Marks

Tighten and tone stretched skin and improve the skin texture to improve the appearance of stretch marks.  

How It Works

The stages of life sometimes leave marks on our bodies that we’d rather reverse. Pollogen BODY Treatments allow us to do that with a revolutionary treatment.

  • Release: The treatment energy heats the subcutaneous fat tissue layer. This thermal effect accelerates natural fat metabolism and forces the release of liquid fat from the cells into the extra-cellular matrix.
  • Remove: The released fat clears the area and is used as fuel in the body, much like exercise causes fat cells to be used as food.  This allows you to choose specific areas of fat to metabolize.
  • Reshape: Focused energy heats the collagen fibres within the dermis, causing them to contract. As the collagen strands are pulled closer together, the skin immediately becomes tighter and smoother. Simultaneously, the heating effect accelerates the metabolism of the Fibroblasts, which augments collagen regeneration and yields long-term skin tightening results.

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I find the Pollogen BODY non-invasive body shaping system effective for circumference reduction, removing localized fat deposits and reducing cellulite. My patients are very pleased with the immediate and long-lasting results and are grateful that the treatments are so quick and pleasant.

— Michele Pelletier, M.D., Paris, France

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